Message from the ED

Welcome to the The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) website. Here you will find resources and information that will help you learn more about Texas charter schools and the work of our Association. Whether you are a member school, a parent of a charter student, a policy maker, a member of the media, or just curious to learn about how charter schools are improving public education, there is something here for you. Information about every aspect of our organization can be found on the pages of this website.

The Association was created in 2008 and we continue to advocate for, grow and support high quality charter schools. We must close the funding gap between public charter schools and traditional public schools, help implement new student growth measures to fairly assess school performance, and lift the state cap on charters. Open-enrollment charter schools are increasingly in demand by Texas families because of their proven results.  Because of the limited growth of quality charter options for families and students, this leaves more than 101,000 students on waiting lists to get into a charter school across the state of Texas. 

Our member schools are committed to providing innovative, quality public education. That's why we've created the TCSA Quality Framework. Every TCSA school participates in this continuous improvement process. It is the first comprehensive academic and financial review built specifically for charter schools by charter school leaders with the help of quality experts from business and higher education.

We are proud of the work of over 460 member schools, and of the positive impact charter schools are making in the lives of students.


David Dunn
Executive Director
Texas Charter Schools Association