For Immediate Release:2013-02-04
Press Contact: Tracy Young
phone: 512.584.8272

Charter school students denied constitutional protections in school finance ruling

(Austin, Texas) - The Honorable Judge Dietz orally pronounced his rulings in the 45 day long school finance trial this afternoon, and TCSA Executive Director David Dunn issued a statement following the Judge's ruling. The judge ruled in favor of the school districts' claims, finding that the school finance system is inadequate, inefficient and unsuitable. The judge ruled against the charter school students, parents and TCSA, and held that funding of Texas charter schools is within the discretion of the Legislature.  

"We are disappointed that Judge Dietz ruled against charter school students and their parents, denying them constitutional protections," said David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA). "They have the same constitutional right to facilities funding as every other Texas public school student. Parents and students do not give up their right to facilities funding by choosing the best public school option for their child.  However, we are thrilled that the judge ruled the overall school finance system, of which charters are an integral part, inadequate."

More information on the charter school case can be found: here


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