TCSA Membership

There are four standing committees of the member council: Advocacy, Member Services, Quality Framework, and Annual Conference. TCSA continues to advocate for, grow and support high quality charter schools. We are bringing the positive message about school choice and options for students, parents and families to every corner of Texas; that our students and our charter schools are worth it and worth the struggle.

Member Services

Providing cooperative services and Association products that save member schools money and ensure compliance. TCSA now offers board and administrator training, no-cost legal consultation with licensed school law attorneys, and model charter board policies for charter school operations. TCSA continues to research and develop other products and services for member schools including for cooperative purchasing, risk management, student data management, financial data management, and technology solutions.

Effective Advocacy

Promoting a policy agenda that fosters charter school growth by securing equitable funding, establishing fair accountability, and removing the state cap. To prepare for the 84th legislative session, the Texas Charter Schools Association will build a durable bipartisan legislative coalition to support our advocacy agenda. TCSA will identify regional grassroots advocacy leaders, persuade targets with effective messaging, promote our advocacy agenda, and mobilize parental support to achieve our objectives.

Quality Framework

Developing an effectiveness assessment with targeted tools and resources to assist members through a continuous improvement process. By strengthening our individual and collective quality across both academic and operational indicators, TCSA will build public perception and policy-maker confidence. After working with the University of Texas System Institute for Public School Initiatives and a representative committee of members, TCSA launched the pilot of the Quality Framework in March 2010.

Annual Conference

We are planning the Annual Texas Charter School Conference in Fort Worth in December 2013.  We are expecting 1,300 charter school leaders, educators, parents, administrators, policy makers, business managers, and community leaders to attend this conference.