Charter School Speaker

TCSA works with member schools to develop a unified advocacy agenda for all Texas charter schools and ensures members speak with one voice when addressing policy concerns. The Association is active in Austin and Washington D.C., helping shape the policies that impact charter schools. Working with lawmakers, community stakeholders, grassroots advocates and our Members, TCSA develops an agenda that is embraced by every segment of the charter school community.

Charters were created by the Texas Legislature. Charter schools are granted their charter by the State Board of Education and subject to regulation by the Texas Education Agency.

TCSA has started the largest grassroots advocacy program in the country focused specifically on charter schools. We are working to recruit thousands of charter school parents, staff, and board members and mobilize them throughout the year in order to educate lawmakers about TCSA legislative priorities.

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For more information, contact:

Tracy Young
TCSA Vice President, Public & Government Affairs
512.584.8272 ext. 308