What is the Texas Charter Parent Teacher Alliance?
The Texas Charter Parent Teacher Alliance is a statewide network of locally led, campus-based organizations. At public charter schools across the state, parents, staff, and community supporters work together so the community and elected officials understand our schools’ vital missions.

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Why do we need a Texas Charter Parent Teacher Alliance at our school?
The ability to open a public charter school was established by state lawmakers 18 years ago, and many of these 550 campuses are new. We take pride in public charter schools, knowing that most families choose charters because they offer something that was missing in their student’s education. Even so, many people in our community do not understand what a charter school is, or why they are vital to the public education system. If we are not vigilant, charter schools can suffer from lack of funding and support from the state. We must be organized and speak with a collective voice about the importance of our schools. The Alliance is the organization that will do this for our schools and in our community.

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Share your GRADUATION story with us!
Public charter school students have graduated this May and June across the state.  TCSA wants to feature your GREAT GRAD story in social media and our newsletter, and we want to share it with the National Alliance. Anyone can write it--a principal, teacher, parent, board member, student – please share it with us by emailing materials to Amanda List, Director of Advocacy.

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