Legal Services

Legal information services are available to assist charter school members to provide effective and innovative public education to students, as well as to provide training resources for charter school officials. TCSA membership includes access to TCSA attorneys for confidential legal advice and information.

TCSA's legal services are available at no additional charge to decision-makers of a member charter school such as administrators or persons serving on the Board of Directors of a member charter holder or charter school. Our goal is to serve the best interests of our member schools as organizations rather than the interests of individual persons associated with or employed by our member schools.

TCSA attorneys will not knowingly provide legal information or advice with respect to any disputes or conflicts between an administrator and the school's board of directors, between individual school board members, between a teacher and a member school or its board of directors, between any members of the Association, or between a member and the Association. Likewise, we do not provide legal services to parents of students or to any employee of a member school about his or her individual employment rights.


Information provided by a member to TCSA lawyers in connection with providing legal information or advice to our member schools is deemed confidential. Our confidential relationship is with the charter school member as an entity, not with individuals associated with the school. Consequently, the content of any communications with a TCSA lawyer may be disclosed to authorized representatives of that school member.

TCSA Legal Services do not replace a School's Private Attorney.

Since most of the information we receive is through telephone conversations or emails, TCSA is limited in its knowledge of all the facts and circumstances pertaining to a member's particular situation. We recommend to our member schools that they always consult with their private attorney about any and all legal matters, including when they contact us for information or advice.

Lindsey Jones
Director of Legal & Policy Services
512.584.8272 ext. 307