Model Board Policies

Special Education Model Board Policies

The Texas Education Agency's (TEA) deadline for special education policies in the IDEA 2004 Legal Framework system maintained by the Region 18 ESC (Midland) was March 15, 2013. In collaboration with a Special Education Working Group at the Region 13 ESC (Austin), TCSA has prepared a set of compliant special education policies that is now available to all charter schools free of charge, regardless of the school's status as a TCSA member. As a reminder, charter governing boards must approve these policies before they are uploaded onto ESC Region 18's Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process.        

For access to the special education model policies and instructions for adapting, adopting and uploading the policies, contact your local regional education service center.

Model Board Policies

The Model Board Policies for Charter Schools is a series of publications by the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) designed to aid and educate charter school leaders in the operation and management of their schools. Each module in the Board Policy Series provides a summary of federal and state statutes, regulations, and related materials applicable to open enrollment charter schools in Texas. Citations to these materials are provided throughout and many contain a hyperlink to the actual statutory or regulatory provision. Download and order form.

After each summary is a suggested model policy designed to comply with current statutory and regulatory requirements.


You asked for changes, we listened.
Instead of offering the TCSA Model Board Policies for $3,500 every two years, we’ve moved to a subscription model with a yearly renewal fee of only $1000. For your convenience, the yearly subscription entitles your charter school to continuous policy updates each year. Subscriptions will be processed online along with your annual TCSA Membership renewal and should be paid with your membership dues OR you may download an order form here.

What if I bought the 2010 Model Board Policies? Do I get a discount?
Yes, if you purchased the 2010 Policies but not the 2012 Policies, the loyalty rate for purchasing the 2012 Policies is only $2000 (includes yearly subscription fee for 2014).

I bought the 2012 Model Board Policies. Do I have to buy them again?
No, you will simply pay the $1000 subscription fee for 2014 which includes updates to the 2012 Model Board Policies that you already own.  

What if I have never purchased the Model Board Policies?
This new subscription model requires an initial purchase of the 2012 Model Board Policies from which all future updates will build upon.

What do I get with my annual subscription?
Subscribers will receive updates from the 2013 legislative session, sectional updates to the 2012 Model Board Policies, and new policies throughout the year.  

I am so busy. How do I manage the adoption of the Model Board Policies by my Board of Directors?
We know that adoption takes much effort. TCSA will conduct webinars this fall in coordination with a charter leader to provide best practices for working through the Policies and getting them quickly adopted by your Board. See our website for webinar dates and registration details (

Model Personnel Handbook

TCSA's brand new Model Personnel Handbook is an excellent source that brings together a charter school's procedures and job-related information that  employees need to know. The handbook includes model language for legally required topics such as compensation, employee conduct, insurance benefits, attendance and leave, discrimination and harassment, discipline, and separation from employment. Similar to the Model Board Policy Series, TCSA's Model Personnel Handbook is completely editable so that each school may personalize it to their school's unique culture.

Download the order form.
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For more information, contact:
Lindsey Jones

Director of Legal & Policy Services
512.584.8272 ext.307

Student Code of Conduct

The Texas Charter Schools Association has teamed up with the Walsh Anderson law firm to develop a legal and practical guide for charter schools to use in developing a student code of conduct. The Guide contains model code of conduct language, legal and practical tips for development and implementation, and helpful forms for use in the student discipline process. Purchasers will receive an electronic version of the model language and forms for use in the creation of their code of conduct.

Download an order form.

For more information, contact:
Lindsey Jones

Director of Legal & Policy Services
512.584.8272 ext.307