As a business officer at a charter school, you know that you have to provide a higher quality education with less financial resources in order to be successful. This difficult and unique situation means that you must be innovative and creative. As a Certified Charter School Business Officer you will be an expert on maximizing your funds and providing for a well-funded, high quality education. The Texas Charter Schools Association Charter School Business Officer Certification (CSBOC) program takes the diverse, complex and ever changing responsibilities of a Charter Business Officer and creates a learning environment where you learn the responsibility, competencies and strategic vision to ensure your charter school is viable, stable, fiscally sound and has a foundation of continuous improvement and growth.

The certification program is a combination of online courses, live training days, and documentation workshop days. Competencies are assessed at the end of each training session. The documentation workshops will provide assistance in implementing the necessary policy, procedures, plans and manuals of a charter school business office.   

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The program will take an individual approximately 24-months to complete and will cost between $6,000 and $10,500. The candidate must attend 120 hours (7200 minutes) of training courses as well as 72 hours (4320 minutes) of documentation workshops. Once certification is obtained, it is easy to keep your certification with only 20 hours of continuing education credits and three documentation workshops annually.

There are live webinars every month. There are also pre-recorded online courses available for self-paced learning. There will be several credit course training days and documentation workshop events throughout the year. The training days and documentation workshops will be held throughout the state of Texas in the large charter school dense areas. All classes are open to everyone and count toward the required Commissioner credit hours. Training hours can also be applied toward the program if you choose to pursue certification.

This program is THE ONLY charter-specific program available to Texas Charter School Business Officers. Other business officer certifications will leave you wading through information to determine if it actually applies to you and what the differences in implementation are. You are guaranteed to only receive information pertinent to you without confusion, saving you both time and money.