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TCSA Quality Framework

The Quality Framework is a research-based continuous improvement tool and process designed by charter leaders to help public charter schools assess quality and improve academic, financial, and operational effectiveness. Upon joining TCSA, each member pledges to continuously improve and uphold quality by engaging in the Quality Framework process. The TCSA Quality Framework process is free for members of TCSA. Register today for a Work Session or learn more.

Request a Private Work Session at Your School

Now is the perfect time for you and your school leadership team to reflect on the past year, assess current school effectiveness, and plan for the next school year. Scheduled summer Work Session dates have passed, but email the Quality Framework Team, to schedule a private Work Session to complete the TCSA Quality Framework Self-Assessment Online, Review the Results and Data Pack Reports, and learn about available online Tools and Resources.

Host a Work Session in Your Region

Would you like to host a work session in your region? Contact us at 512-584-8272 or  qualityframework@txcharterschools.org.

Questions about the Quality Framework? Contact us at 512-584-8272 or  qualityframework@txcharterschools.org.

Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

Every Texas public charter school in Texas is committed to providing students access to a quality public education. To reaffirm that commitment, leaders from TCSA member schools pledge to work toward quality and continuous improvement upon becoming members of TCSA. Each TCSA member agrees to and signs the TCSA Quality Pledge to:

  • Hold themselves responsible for the academic and operational success of their public charter school.
  • Pledge adherence to the Quality Framework developed by the Quality Framework Committee and supported by the TCSA Board of Directors.
  • Agree to voluntarily relinquish membership in TCSA should their schools continue to be rated unacceptable by the state, prove to be noncompliant with state and federal policies, or refuse to participate in the Quality Framework process.
  • Pledge to participate in TCSA Quality Framework process in an honest and timely manner.

    Members move from pledging quality to improving quality by engaging in the Quality Framework process. The Quality Framework is FREE for members of TCSA. To schedule a visit today, contact us at 512-584-8272 or  qualityframework@txcharterschools.org

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The Quality Framework process helps schools assess various elements and indicators across ten key systems: Student Success; Mission, Vision, and Values; Leadership; Learning; Safety and Support; Staff; Stakeholder; Data Driven; Public Accountability; and Fiscal Management.

The goal of the Quality Framework is to help schools move beyond their current levels of success in each system by helping school leaders recognize their strengths and focus on areas where the school can be better. Using the TCSA Quality Framework Progress Evaluation, school leaders determine the current level of effectiveness on several indicators within the ten key systems. TCSA staff then reviews the school’s responses with school leadership to focus on and match the school with appropriate tools and resources to improve each target area.

Strategic & Campus Planning and Needs Assessment

The TCSA Quality Framework Progress Evaluation is designed to work with and provide information for other reports and requirements for charters. The Quality Framework Progress Evaluation provides school leaders with qualitative data needed for comprehensive needs assessments and school improvement and strategic planning. The Quality Framework Data Pack provides schools with quantitative data to help school leaders prepare for local, state, and federal planning requirements, grant applications, and various other reports.

The Quality Framework provides data and information for:

  • Strategic planning processes
  • District/Campus Improvement Plans
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessments
  • Board Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Grant applications

Development of the Quality Framework

A central focus of TCSA is the creation and implementation of a continuous improvement process for member schools. At its launch in 2008, the Association hired the Institute for Public School Initiatives at the University of Texas System to bring rigorous research, best practices, and external experts to the table. A representative committee was assembled to reflect the diversity of size, type, and geographic location within the public charter school sector in Texas. This committee of practitioners also provided authentic and field-based best and promising practices that are now included in the Quality Framework. The TCSA Quality Framework is the first in the nation built specifically for charter schools, by charter school leaders with the help of independent quality improvement experts.

If you are a member school and would like to begin the Quality Framework process, email our team.


For more information:

Chris Busse
TCSA Vice President, Quality Initiatives
512.584.8272 ext. 315