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Over 460 Texas charter schools, and over 154,000 students they serve, have benefited from our
grassroots campaign to reform public education. With strong statewide advocacy, TCSA has affected
laws that impact our public charter schools.

Last year's progress was possible by a philanthropic grant that expires in November 2011
TCSA needs charter advocates to support our grassroots programs to ensure that the Texas charter
school movement strengthens during the legislative interim.

During the last legislative session TCSA was able to:

  • Help secure the biggest legislative win for charter schools in more than a decade. After years struggling to secure funding for construction and renovations, many charters will now be able to receive state backed financing just like all other public schools;
  • Host and attend over 270 campus events and visit over 60 state lawmakers;
  • Deliver over 43,000 postcards informing lawmakers about your charter school priorities;
  • Hold charter school rallies in both February and May at the state Capitol with over 2,800 total attendees

Every contribution helps us grow. Your donation helps us keep working for 135,000 students, 460 schools and thousands on charter school waiting lists.

The Texas Charter Schools Association is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization; your donation is 100% tax deductible.