Corporate Vendor Benefits

Texas is home to a thriving charter school movement. The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) proudly represents over 85% of charter schools statewide.

The Vendor Member Program is an annual membership designed to put products and services that drive increased quality and efficiency in the hands of our charter leaders and educators. With operational autonomy and the flexibility to tailor educational programs to the best interests of each student, these free, public charter schools are able to make independent purchasing decisions that best fit their needs.

We invite you to join our Vendor Member Program and gain access to this unique market.

Member Benefits

Receive a “TCSA Vendor Member” badge for your company website
The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) has developed a digital badge to recognize our Members and express our appreciation of your support. As a Vendor Member, you have the option of displaying this badge on your company’s website or on advertising literature sent to schools.
TCSA Website Presence
Member of the Vendor Gallery on the TCSA website. Includes: Company logo, contact information, link to company website and a brief description of services
TCSA's website hosts a Vendor Gallery where all our member schools can navigate to find charter-friendly businesses to meet their schools' needs. Vendor members earn a place in this gallery. Along with a company logo that links to your website, we will post a brief description of your company?s services and contact information.
Strategic Contact with the Charter School Market
  • Access to TCSA Member Directory
  • Opportunity to meet with charter leaders at sponsorship events
  • Information and research concerning the charter school market and how to capitalize on their unique needs
All vendor members will have access to a continuously updated TCSA Membership Directory. Contact information will be included in the directory for all existing TCSA member offices, members planning and preparing to open charter schools, and members interested in opening charter schools. There will be frequent opportunities throughout the year for vendor members to sponsor a variety of TCSA events and meet with educators and charter decision-makers. In addition, TCSA has developed a brief report designed to familiarize vendor members with the unique needs of the charter school market. Vendor members will have access to this information and an open line of communication with TCSA staff to learn more.
TCSA Access
Access to TCSA staff for meetings and input
TCSA welcomes the opportunity to meet with vendor members to discuss benefits as well as feedback on the Vendor Member Program. We welcome any input that improves this mutually beneficial relationship.
The Association's efforts to advocate for the charter community at the State Capitol and Washington, D.C., maintain a thriving charter school market for years to come
The Texas Charter Schools Association is dedicated to advocating for the improvement and continuation of the charter school movement. We promote a unified policy agenda that encourages charter school growth and increases the number of highly effective public charter schools. As the charter schools movement grows, our vendors will have access to a thriving, state-wide charter school market.

Annual Conference Opportunities
December 10-12, 2014
Houston, TX

In the fall, Texas Charter Schools Association hosts an annual 3-day conference. The conference brings in guests from all over the state, including teachers, charter leaders and other individuals interested in the charter movement. Along with numerous other benefits, (visit exhibitors receive two complimentary, full-conference registrations. If you do not elect to be an exhibitor, vendor members can attend the Conference at a discounted TCSA member rate.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Receive menu of sponsorship events for scheduling convenience
  • Opportunities to sponsor webinars, live trainings, Member Council meetings and advocacy events
TCSA schedules events throughout the year, attracting a variety of guests from all over the state. Vendor members have an exclusive opportunity to sponsor these events. As a vendor member, you will be informed of TCSA's calendar in advance so that you can pick and choose from our "menu" of events. In addition, vendor members have the option to sponsor TCSA?s weekly E-newsletter, which serves as the main form of communication between TCSA and our member charter schools.


E-Newsletters ($100/week)
TCSA's weekly E-newsletter is the primary form of communication between TCSA and our members. It is read by more than 500 charter leaders, educators and parents.
  • Exclusive advertising presence on the E-newsletter.
  • Your company's logo or ad will be featured in the top, right-hand corner of the newsletter with a direct link to your website.
Online Advertisement ($175/month)
Online advertising on the TCSA website, Averages over 4,700 visitors a month (calculated September 2010 - September 2011).
  • Rotating advertisement (on page load/reload) on all interior pages of the website
  • Limited to 5 advertisers a month
  • Buy 1 year of online advertising, get 3 months free

Sponsorship Opportunities

Webinars ($300 - $500)
On-line trainings conducted by TCSA staff
  • Logo present on all webinar materials/emails
  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship by TCSA Instructor during Webinar
Live Trainings ($500 - $5,000)
Conducted by TCSA staff on a variety of topics. Size and venue changes. Typical trainings cater to people wanting to begin charter schools, people already in the process of planning and implementing, as well as current charter administrators and educators.
  • Logo present on all training materials Includes: flyers, emails, hand-outs, power points etc.
  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship by TCSA Instructor during training
  • Opportunity to hang banner and pass out literature and giveaways
  • Up to 2 representatives can attend training and meet with guests
Member Council Meetings ($2,500)
A quarterly gathering of Texas charter leaders and decision makers. An estimated 60-80 charter schools will be represented at these all-day meetings.
  • Logo present on meeting binders and event emails
  • Verbal recognition during luncheon
  • Space to set up a booth and offer handouts.
  • Up to 4 representatives may attend the meeting
  • Opportunity for rolling ad to play on screen during luncheon
  • Opportunity to present (approximately 20 minutes)
Advocacy Events ($500 - $5000)
These Charter School Awareness Activities are designed to promote charters in state- wide regions. Includes: teacher networking, parent groups, community supporter forums, State Capitol Rallies.
  • Logo present on all event advertisements
  • Signage present at venue
  • Verbal recognition
  • Opportunity to speak 
  • Up to 2 representatives may attend

For more information, please contact Erin Tholen at or call 512.584.8272.