A candidate for the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) Teacher of the Year award is an educator who is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to the education of public charter school students in prekindergarten through grade twelve in an active teaching status.

The TCSA teacher of the year should:

  • Use innovative teaching strategies that inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
  • Earn the respect of students, parents and charter colleagues;
  • Advocate for the charter movement and serve in their community;
  • Serve as a leader on the campus, willing to mentor other educators;
  • Engage with students, parents and community members in a poised and articulate manner;
  • Have at least two years of experience working in a Texas public charter school; and
  • Work for a charter that is a current TCSA member.

Awardees serve as inspiration and a model for other charter colleagues and their communities. Educators chosen for this award may be asked to represent public charter schools at state legislative and policy events when needed.

Recipients of the award receive the following:

  • An award of $1,000;
  • A free registration to the annual Texas Charter Schools Conference where they will receive recognition during the awards ceremony;
  • A prepared media statement for the awardee’s campus to share; and
  • An opportunity to share ideas quarterly through the TCSA Weekly Bulletin and the Texas Charter Exchange blog.

The top three nominees of the award will receive the following:

  • A prepared media statement for the nominees’ campus to share; and
  • A personalized write-up of the nominees’ accomplishments in the TCSA Weekly Bulletin and Texas Charter Exchange blog.

Criteria for selection:

A principal, administrator, teacher, student, parent or community member must nominate a teacher through TCSA’s website for consideration of the award. Once nominated, TCSA requires submissions by the teacher including biographical information and two essays on topics to be announced through an online system at the time of the nomination. A panel of TCSA members will review the nomination, the biography, and essays as part of the nominee’s application. TCSA will announce the top three nominees through a TCSA press release two weeks prior to the Texas Charter Schools Conference, and then announce the winner at the annual event.

Timeline for selection:

  • TCSA must receive teacher nominations by May 15, 2018.
  • TCSA must receive the nominee’s biography and essays for a completed application by July 1, 2018.
  • TCSA’s panel of members will review all applications between July 15 and September 1, 2018.
  • TCSA will notify the top three nominees and their campuses by September 15, 2018.
  • TCSA will announce the awardee at the annual Texas Charter Schools Conference during the awards luncheon.

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