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Chris has over 20 years of experience in business, marketing and design. During his career, he has worked across 7 vastly different industries, most recently spending eight years in the finance sector. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts degree with honors in Advertising, both from Texas Tech University.

Fully Funded with Stipends through TEA: Online Blended Learning Series for Teachers

Want to learn more about Blended Learning strategies? NOW is the time. Funding is available for the costs of blended learning training. This TEA initiative to fund professional development (PD) for teachers who are committed to learning and implementing blended learning strategies in their classrooms is available through July 2019. In addition, campus coaches, teacher aides and other […]

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Opinion Regarding City of Austin’s Sick Leave Ordinance

Texas Court of Appeals for the Third District Delivers Opinion Regarding City of Austin’s Sick Leave Ordinance

The City of Austin enacted an ordinance in February of 2018 that would require private employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees. The ordinance included civil and criminal penalties for employers who violated it. A number […]

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Help Provide Support to Children during a Parent’s Serious Illness

Each of us can probably remember a funny, quirky, even magical thing we believed in or feared as children. Children are very imaginative thinkers, and they will almost NEVER talk about these inner thoughts. For the most part, we grow out of these thoughts and become happy, healthy adults.

However, children who experience overwhelming fears […]

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Upcoming Free Live Webinars for TCSA Members

At TCSA we’re continuing our free Tuesday interactive live webinar series for CEOs, board members, and charter school officials. On Tuesday November 20 at noon we will present Basics for Founding Boards and New Board Members. This training will provide insight and guidance to charter governance board members in regards to duties […]

Why I Fight

When Joey was just two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. His mother was uncertain about Joey’s future. She wondered how he would overcome the challenges he was sure to face and whether they would be able to find a school that worked for him. She researched private and public school options and […]

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2018 TCSA Leadership Election Results

With the our annual Texas Charter Schools Conference, TCSA Membership Drive, and our 2018 Leadership Election wrapping up, it has been a busy few months at TCSA! We appreciate everyone’s time and participation in the elections. We would also like to thank the all of candidates for their involvement. Congratulations to the seven new […]

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The Inaugural Teacher Advocate Leaders for 2018-2019 Announced


Twelve teachers (six men and six women) have been selected from over 50 applicants for the 2018-2019 class of the Teacher Advocacy Leadership Institute (TALI).  TALI gives teachers the opportunity to connect with policy and advocacy experts, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn how […]

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The 2018 Texas Charter Schools Conference: That’s a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Texas Charter Schools Conference. The final registration count of 1,627 confirmed that this year’s conference was the best-attended yet! Thank you again to the conference committee led by Yvette East and Brent Wilson for their leadership and assistance in organizing the flow of the conference and for selecting […]

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School Safety Considerations

Safety is a top priority for all schools and at every level of education. In light of recent tragedies around the nation and in Texas, public schools, including open-enrollment charter schools, are facing critical decisions on how to best protect and safeguard children. Among those safety options, includes considering whether to permit firearms on […]

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The 2018 Texas Charter Schools Conference is Just Days Away

Remember that Standard Registration Rates are good through October 22 before the more expensive on-site rate kicks in, so register today! We have planned over 120 breakout and large group sessions as well as a number of social events to help you collaborate, learn, and grow as a charter school leader