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Reason #221 to join TCSA

Don’t forget to contact the Texas Charter Schools Association’s (TCSA) Legal Team, Christine Nishimura and Elizabeth Cross, when you have questions or need legal assistance. As members of TCSA, each schools’ administration, board of directors, and human resources specialists have access to free legal assistance on all your pressing legal and compliance […]

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Senate approves additional CSP funding for FY2019

The U.S. Senate, including Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn of Texas, voted 93-7 this week to approve the FY2019 Labor-Health and Human Services-Education (Labor-HHS-Education) appropriations bill. This bill includes a $445 million appropriation to the Charter Schools Program (CSP), which is a $45 million increase from FY2018, and marks the highest funding level […]

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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to speak at conference

Lt Gov Patrick Headshot Official[1]

The Texas Charter Schools Association is honored to announce that Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick will be a Guest Speaker during the Awards Luncheon of the 2018 Texas Charter Schools Conference, which will be held in Houston Friday, October 26.

Lt. Gov. Patrick […]

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New Faces at TCSA

Welcome to the newest members of TCSA!

Over the last week, TCSA added three new faces, Elizabeth Cross, Law Clerk; Connor Cook, Public Policy Fellow; and Timothy Mattison, Public Policy Fellow. We are excited to have each of them join the team.

Elizabeth is joining TCSA as a Law Clerk as she awaits her Bar Exam […]

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Increase Your Safety and Security Training at the Texas Charter Schools Conference

Nothing is more important to you as a charter school leader than the safety of your students and staff.  That’s why Texas Charter Schools Conference is featuring a comprehensive Safety and Security seminar.  Here are some of the offerings from national and state experts that will provide important tools to help keep your schools […]

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On Leading Well, Part 2: Clear Vision

If you joined us for part one of this series, you’ll recall that we are considering a few key characteristics of great leaders, those being growing and learning, clear vision, and caring about people. This week let’s look at the why, what, and how of creating and communicating a clear vision.

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It’s Time To Renew Your Membership!

Dear Members,

Today I assume the role of CEO of the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA). I couldn’t be more excited to lead the organization that is tasked with telling the stories of the incredible work you and your dedicated staffs are doing, and the students’ lives you’re changing. The responsibility of being the voice […]

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HSA-Pflugerville alumna excels in everything on her way to college

Already in her young life, Roshan “Rosie” Khan was ranked first in her class at Harmony Science Academy-Pflugerville, served as student council president, testified before the Texas State House Education Committee about public charter schools, and is now a freshman at the University of Texas-Austin, where she has a quadruple major.

And she accomplished all […]

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There’s still time to nominate leaders to a board seat

As TCSA gets set for the upcoming legislative session, it’s important for our members’ voices to be heard, and the best way for that to happen with your school is to serve on our Board of Directors.

Take it from board member Chuck Cook of ResponsiveEd, who noted that serving on the board is the […]

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We want your stories!

As I wrote in this newsletter a few months ago when I took over as TCSA’s Director of Communications, I want to help you share your story of success. For that, I’ll need your help.

What innovative programs are going on at your school? Who are the notable students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni that […]

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