Charter Authorization Support & Development Services

The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) is committed to helping aspiring charter operators navigate the complex process of applying for and subsequently opening a charter school. From inception through authorization to technical training prior to inaugural operations and beyond, TCSA is your resource, guide, coach, and partner. In our pre-authorization phase, support from TCSA is customized to each team’s unique needs based on an initial assessment. Support can include but is not limited to: topically focused content, assistance developing your financial workbook, branding, marketing, and community engagement, application reading and review, networking to philanthropic support, template policies, and interview coaching. Following the completion of the authorization phase, school teams shall participate in a cohort style series of monthly technical trainings that dive deep into the functional aspects of operating a school. Topics include, but are not limited to: facilities and facilities financing, student and teacher recruitment, federal programs, academic and financial accountability, PIEMS, Special Education and Special Populations, school law, National School Lunch Program, CSP Application, and school safety. In-person trainings are supplemented with webinars, bi-weekly phone calls, attendance at TCSA’s annual charter school conference, and site visits. Charter school board members may receive board training through TCSA in order to fulfill state requirements. Organizations are also networked and introduced to a variety of Solutions Providers who provide the services, equipment, and tools to effectively run a school. During your first year of operation, TCSA shall continue providing support and coaching during several on-site visits and on an as-needed basis. Charter operators continue to stay involved through TCSA’s regional meetings, monthly webinars, continued board training, the annual conference, and other opportunities. TCSA staff are available to troubleshoot through specific matters. Our team and network of charter school experts are here to support you on this exciting journey to open and operate a high-functioning organization that is focused on students and student outcomes.

Please email to determine the best array of services suited for your team.