Five new Texas charters awarded in 2014

Five new Texas charters awarded in 2014

Final Generation 19 charter decisions announced during September SBOE meeting

(Austin, Texas) — The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) today took final action on the decisions by Texas education commissioner Michael Williams to approve five Generation 19 open-enrollment, public charter schools. The SBOE considered the Commissioner’s approved charters announced in August allowing final approval for all five new Texas charters. Senate Bill 2 (83rd Legislature) gave approval of new public charter schools to the education commissioner with input from the SBOE and gave veto power to the SBOE.

  • Beta Academy (Pasadena/Houston-area)
  • Excel Center (Austin) (Goodwill Industries)
  • High Point Academy (Fort Worth)
  • Ki Charter Academy (San Marcos) (for students in Residential Treatment Centers)
  • Trinity Environmental Academy (Dallas)

“Charter schools are an important public school option for Texas families, and sadly, we still have too many students on waiting lists,” said David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA). “These five new charters will begin to address the need for innovative, quality individualized learning for successful student achievement.”

Public charters were approved by the Texas Legislature in 1995 as part of the public school system, and there have been nineteen “generations” of charters awarded since that time. In total, there are more than 202,000 students in 588 open-enrollment charter campuses (2014 TEA data) with more than 101,000 students on waiting lists across Texas (2013 fall survey). Charter students represent close to 4% of the public school population in Texas. Public charter schools are making a difference for students in Texas and across the nation.

“Strong charter schools provide for greater parental choice,” said Commissioner Williams. “After a careful review of the Generation 19 charter applications, applicant interview testimony, impact statements, staff recommendations and input from State Board of Education members, I am confident these five will add to the education options afforded students in Texas.”