Rep. Marsha Farney visits Premier High School of North Austin

Rep. Marsha Farney visits Premier High School of North Austin

Receives Charter Appreciation Award

(Austin, Texas) Texas House Representative Marsha Farney (District 20) visited Premier High School of North Austin during the TCSA member council meeting. Lathan Watts from Premier, presented Rep. Farney with the Texas Charter Schools Association Charter Appreciation Award, in recognition of her support and efforts on behalf of students in drop out recovery schools during the 83rd Legislature. Premier is part of a successful network of drop out recovery charter schools in Texas.  

        “Texas public charter school students and families appreciate Rep. Farney for her steadfast support,” said TCSA Executive Director David Dunn. “She has been a strong public education advocate, and was successful in passing legislation supporting the mission of drop out recovery.”

During the 83rd Texas Legislature in the House, Rep. Marsha Farney sponsored Senate Bill 1538 to ensure accurate measurement of students in drop out recovery schools. These schools are dedicated to serving at-risk students, or students who have already dropped out of school, to help them recover credits. This law allows for traditional school districts and public charter schools with significant enrollment of at-risk, over-aged, or credit-deficient students to now be fairly measured to accurately reflect their quality and effectiveness. The Texas Charter Schools Association appreciates the continued efforts of Rep. Farney on behalf of the students, parents and families in our Texas public charter schools.