Sen. Donna Campbell visits KIPP Aspire San Antonio

Sen. Donna Campbell visits KIPP Aspire San Antonio

Receives Charter Appreciation Award

(San Antonio, Texas) Today, Texas State Senator Donna Campbell (District 25) visited KIPP Aspire in San Antonio. Mark Larson, KIPP San Antonio superintendent, and Amanda List, TCSA director of advocacy, presented Sen. Campbell with the Texas Charter Schools Association Charter Appreciation Award, in recognition of her support for Senate Bill 2 and efforts on the Senate Education committee on behalf of students during the 83rd Legislature. A KIPPster led Sen. Campbell on a tour of KIPP Aspire, and she took questions from students in an 8th grade social studies class.

        “Texas public charter school students and families appreciate Sen. Campbell for her hard work during legislative session,” said TCSA Executive Director David Dunn. “She has been a great public education advocate, and we are grateful for her support for strong options for parents and students.”

During the 83rd Texas Legislature, Senator Donna Campbell coauthored Senate Bill 2, the most significant piece of charter legislation since 1995. The public charter school bill strengthens and supports effective charter schools and raises the arbitrary cap on public charter schools. The lifting of the cap and streamlined renewal and replication for public charter schools will continue to allow charters to grow to meet the demand, and to improve the education of students in Texas. The Texas Charter Schools Association appreciates the continued efforts of Sen. Campbell on behalf of the students, parents and families in our Texas public charter schools.