State Board Of Education Awards New Charters

State Board Of Education Awards New Charters

State Board Of Education Awards New Charters

Austin, Texas – September 16, 2011 -Today, The Texas State Board of Education granted eight charters in Generation 16. The new charters are expected to open for the 2012-2013 school year.

New charters:

  • UME Preparatory Academy – Grand Prairie, TX
  • Austin Achieve Public Schools – Austin, TX
  • Fallbrook College Preparatory Academy – Houston,
  • Texas Legacy Preparatory – Dallas, TX
  • Prime Prep Academy -Fort Worth, TX
  • Hope Global Learning Village K-12 – Houston, TX
  • Excellence in Leadership Academy – Mission, TX
  • Pro-Vision Academy – Houston, TX

Executive Director David Dunn said, “We’re glad to see more charter schools awarded today, and know each school will add quality to the current charter landscape. With the eight charters granted today, that leaves only six charters left in the state because of our legislative cap of 215 charters. We hope to increase that in the next legislative session to meet the tremendous demand for charter schools – more than 56,000 students are now on waiting lists to attend a Texas charter. Our mission is to accelerate student achievement in Texas by empowering a diverse set of effective and quality-driven charter schools. We look forward to working with the new Generation 16 charters to ensure that every child in Texas receives an outstanding education.”

Texas charter schools are making academic gains in Texas. The 2010 Comprehensive Annual Report on Texas Public Schools, prepared for the 82nd legislature by TEA shows that standard accountability charter school districts outperformed traditional school districts from 6th to12th grade in the critical areas of reading, math, science and social studies.