Statement by David Dunn on revocation decisions by TEA Commissioner Williams

Statement by David Dunn on revocation decisions by TEA Commissioner Williams
“The Texas Charter Schools Association supports closing schools that aren’t meeting the needs of students, whether charter or traditional.  Under Texas Senate Bill 2 (83R), TEA Commissioner Michael Williams is required to take action to revoke a charter based on substandard academic and/or financial accountability ratings.  Today, he announced six identified for revocation under SB 2, effective June 30, 2014. 
“In remarks to charter leaders during last week’s statewide charter conference, we were pleased to hear Commissioner Williams express his intention for the TEA to do everything they can to help a struggling charter before a closure decision is upon him.  He indicated that his desire is for schools to not just comply, but thrive and excel.
“TCSA agrees and stands ready to work with the Commissioner and TEA to ensure that we keep students foremost in mind during this process.  Parents make the choice to move their child to a charter for a variety of reasons and may not have other good options if one is closed.   In many instances a takeover by another charter or reconstitution of the board is the best decision for the students, and we encourage TEA to seek these routes as appropriate.
“Whether members of the association or not, TCSA is committed to helping charters achieve excellence. We recognize the importance of quality to students, and a central focus of the Texas Charter Schools Association is to work with Texas public charter schools to foster continuous improvement among charters of all types and missions.
“Extraordinary charter schools greatly outnumber the struggling charter schools, but the strugglers receive more media attention.  We are working hard to improve every charter school and will keep advocating for excellence and quality because students deserve it. Texas is, and will continue to be, a leader in public charter schools across the nation precisely because we insist upon quality.”
David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association.