Texas Education Commissioner grants five charters in 2014, sends decision to SBOE

Texas Education Commissioner grants five charters in 2014, sends decision to SBOE

Final Generation 19 charter decisions expected in September

(Austin, Texas) — Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams yesterday approved five new, open-enrollment public charter schools for 2014. With his announcement, the decision moves to the Texas state board of education (SBOE) which is expected to consider the Commissioner’s approved charters during the September 17-19th public meetings. Senate Bill 2 (83rdLegislature) gave approval of new public charter schools to the education commissioner with input from the SBOE and gave veto power to the SBOE.

  • Beta Academy (Houston)
  • High Point Academy (Fort Worth)
  • Ki Charter Academy (San Marcos) (Residential Treatment Center-based charter)
  • The Excel Center (Austin) (Goodwill Industries)
  • Trinity Environmental Academy (Dallas)

“The demand for quality public charter schools continues to grow, and we are pleased to see the Commissioner answer the call from parents for more choices and innovative options,” said David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA). “We appreciate the earlier announcement this year, and look forward to these schools receiving final approval so they can get prepared for students in the Fall of 2015.”

7 in 10 Americans now favor charter schools: Also released yesterday, the 46th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Towards the Public Schools indicates support for charter schools has climbed to 70 percent in 2014 — up from 68 percent in 2013. PDK/Gallup also found that a majority of Americans believe students at public charter schools receive a better education than students at other public schools.

More information from the Texas Education Agency

“Strong charter schools provide for greater parental choice,” said Commissioner Williams. “After a careful review of the Generation 19 charter applications, applicant interview testimony, impact statements, staff recommendations and input from State Board of Education members, I am confident these five will add to the education options afforded students in Texas.”