Two Texas public charter schools win Race to the Top-District competition

Two Texas public charter schools win Race to the Top-District competition

Two out of 16 across the country and only two awardees from Texas

(Austin, Texas) Today, Harmony Public Schools and IDEA Public Schools were named winners of the Race to the Top-District competition from the U.S. Department of Education. Two public charter schools in Texas were chosen as part of the 16 winners announced from among the 372 applications received.   
    “We are proud of TCSA members, Harmony and IDEA public schools, for demonstrating the quality and strength of charter schools in Texas,” said David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association. “These schools are committed to high quality, individualized and innovative education and options for parents and students, and we are pleased to see national recognition of their efforts to personalize education for each student.”
        Harmony Public Schools (Houston), including Harmony Science Academy, Harmony School of Excellence, Harmony School of Science-Houston, Harmony Science Academy-Austin, Harmony Science Academy-Brownsville, Harmony Science Academy-El Paso, Harmony Science Academy-Fort Worth, Harmony Science Academy-Lubbock, Harmony Science Academy-San Antonio, Harmony Science Academy-Waco.
                    o    Awarded approximately $30 million over four years to work toward supporting personalized student learning and classroom instruction so that every student has choice and customized support, closing achievement gaps and preparing students to succeed in college and careers.
         IDEA Public Schools (Rio Grande Valley, Austin and San Antonio)
                   o    Awarded $29 million over four years to focus on individualized student learning to improve student achievement and educator effectiveness, development of additional tools for data analysis to improve real-time student interventions while preparing every student for success in college and beyond.