Model Board Policy Series

TCSA Model Board Policies: Working for you

With TCSA’s Model Policies you can protect and simplify your open-enrollment charter school operations in this time of high-stakes accountability. Start strong with the sound policy and practices summarized in Model Policies, and then stay updated on any new state and federal regulations that affect your charter school by renewing your subscription each year. TCSA’s Model Policies will save your school time, money and energy, leaving you free to do the most important job: Educating your students!  Model Board Policy subscription allows you to: 

  • Keep your school in compliance and reduce litigation
  • Quarterly updates with new state and federal rules and regulations
  • Comprehensive workbook easily personalized for your school’s needs
  • Access more than 200 local policy templates required by law or best practice
  • Six modules cover proactive school operations management
  • Digital format easily shared with school administration and staff
  • Affordable pricing to set the standard and stay up-to-date

Each module in the policy series provides a summary of federal and state statutes and regulations with hyperlinked citations and related materials applicable to open enrollment charter schools in Texas. After each summary is a suggested model policy designed to comply with current statutory and regulatory requirements that may be tailored to your school’s needs. 

The modules below are included in the Model Board Policies Series. 

  • Module 100: Financial Operations
  • Module 200: Charter School Governance & Organization
  • Module 300: General School Operations
  • Module 400: Students
  • Module 500: Open Government
  • Module 600: Human Resources
  • Special Education Model Policy Series
  • Personnel Handbook – 2nd Edition


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For questions or more information, contact:
Christine F. Nishimura
Deputy General Counsel
512.584.8272 x 306