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TCSA’s Upcoming Fall Webinars

TCSA’s Upcoming Fall Webinars

Immigration and Your Charter School: Protecting Rights of Schools and Students in an Age of Immigration Enforcement

This webinar will highlight best practices on matters pertaining to federal and state law enforcement agencies in light of new and anticipated rulings and interpretations of immigration enforcement practices.

Presented by Joseph Hoffer from Shulman, Lopez, Hoffer and […]

Guidance for Charter Schools Serving Undocumented Students

Guidance for Charter Schools Serving Undocumented Students

The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) received several inquiries pertaining to current immigration policy discussions and the impact it may have on students in public charter schools.  We understand there are concerns and questions from administrators, teachers, students, and families.

To help schools navigate this sensitive topic, TCSA Legal developed guidance in the form of […]

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