Smaller Quality Speedometer

The goal of the Quality Framework (QF) is to help schools move beyond their current levels of success in each system by helping school leaders recognize their strengths and focus on areas where the school can be better. This is more important now than ever with the existence of the state’s Performance Framework and high stakes accountability ratings leading to automatic revocation for non-performers.

Using the TCSA Quality Framework Progress Evaluation, school leaders determine the current level of effectiveness on several indicators within the QF ten key systems. TCSA staff then reviews the school’s responses with school leadership to focus on and match the school with appropriate tools and resources to improve each target area.

The identification of your charter school’s most pressing performance gaps is perhaps one of the most important elements to ensure the performance improvement solution(s) pursued will meet the task. Your participation in the Quality Framework process puts you ahead of the game in completing a comprehensive needs analysis to identify those pain points. Because many performance problems cannot be solved with learning solutions alone, the TCSA Quality Services team is offering a variety of learning and non-learning solutions to improve performance in charter school organizations. These performance initiatives are targeted at enhancing employee and organizational performance.