Governing Board of Directors

All new members of charter holder and/or charter school governing boards must complete a total of 12 hours of board training provided by a TEA registered trainer within their first year of service. Returning members who have completed the 12 hour training requirement within their first year of service need to complete only six hours of training in their second and subsequent years. The training is broken down into the following seven modules.

New Board Members

Training module required breakdown (in minutes)

School Law – 150

School Finance – 60

Health and Safety – 30

Accountability (Public Funds) – 120

Accountability (Other) – 60

Open Meetings – 60

Public Records – 60

Plus – 180 Minutes of expanded or additional training in modules (1-7)

Total: 12 hours or 720 minutes

Returning Board Members

Returning Board Members who have operated charters that have all been rated “Acceptable” or higher for at least 2 of the last 3 most recent ratings may choose any 6 hours of training that is documented by a registered provider in fulfillment of its academic mission, responsibilities, and accountabilities under the law. Additionally such Members may elect to complete all six hours of training using self instructional materials provided by a registered provider. Returning Board Members who do not fit the above criteria must complete 6 hours of training only from any of the above modules (1-7) to be chosen and allocated based on self evaluation by the board chair or vice chair. Members may elect to complete no more than one hour of this training using self instructional materials.

Qualified Exceptions

There are some Board Members that qualify for exemptions to these standard rules.

Hourly Carryover

Twenty-five percent of hours earned in excess of the requirements may be carried over to meet the following year’s requirement. For example, if a charter school leader took an additional eight hours beyond the annual training hours required for a given school year, two hours could be carried over to the next year (Ex./ 8*.25=2)

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