Business Manager – a person (or persons) charged with managing the finances of a charter holder or charter school.

All new charter school Business Managers are required to complete a total of 30 hours of training provided by a TEA registered trainer within their first year of service. Returning Business Managers, however, who have completed the 30 hour training requirement within their first year of service need to complete only fifteen hours of training in their second and subsequent years. The training is broken down into the following seven modules.

New Business Managers

Training module required breakdown (in minutes)

School Law – 240

School Finance – 480

Health and Safety – 20

Accountability (Public Funds) – 240

Accountability (Other) – 160

Open Meetings – 20

Public Records – 40

Plus – 600 minutes of expanded or additional training in modules (1-7)

Total: 30 hours or 1800 minutes

Returning Business Managers

15 hours of training in any of the above modules (1-7) to be chosen based on self evaluation of the Business Managers and/or TEA monitoring.

Qualified Exceptions

There are some Business Managers that qualify for exemptions to these standard rules.

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