The Quality Framework is a research-based continuous improvement tool and process designed to help public charter schools assess quality and improve academic, financial, and operational effectiveness. The self-evaluation process helps schools assess various elements and indicators across ten key systems: Student Success, Mission & Vision, Leadership, Stakeholder, Staff, Learning, Data Driven, Safety & Support, Accountability, and Fiscal Management.

The goal of the Quality Framework is to help schools move beyond their current levels of success in each system by helping school leaders recognize their strengths and focus on areas where the school shows opportunity for growth. Using the TCSA Quality Framework Self-Evaluation, school leaders determine the current level of effectiveness on several indicators within the ten key systems.

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Strategic & Campus Planning and Needs Assessment

The TCSA Quality Framework Self-Assessment and Data Pack are designed to work with and provide information for other reports and requirements for charters. The Quality Framework provides school leaders with qualitative data needed for comprehensive needs assessments and school improvement and strategic planning. The Quality Framework Data Pack provides schools with quantitative data to help school leaders prepare for local, state, and federal planning requirements, grant applications, and various other reports. Contact our Quality Services Team to learn more.

Common Uses for Reports and Data 

The Quality Framework provides member schools with data and helpful information for the following purposes:

  • Strategic planning processes
  • District/Campus Improvement Plans
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessments
  • Board Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Grant applications

The Quality Framework Self-Evaluation Tool and Data Pack is FREE for members of TCSA. Member schools can log into the Member Quality Portal – here to access the free tools and resources.