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Welcome to TCSA

The Texas Charter Schools Association is passionate about accelerating student achievement in Texas by strengthening and supporting a diverse set of effective, public charter schools.

Charter schools are unique public schools granted some freedom by the state to be flexible to students’ needs and innovative in education, while meeting higher academic and financial accountability as traditional ISDs.

Representing nearly 90 percent of public charter school students across the state, TCSA provides charter-specific training, legal services and updates to state and federal laws and rules. TCSA advocates at the Texas Capitol and U.S. Congress year-round on behalf of public charter schools. And TCSA developed the first quality assessment and improvement structure built for charter schools by school leaders and independent experts.

In 2013-14 school year, there were 202,972 students attending 628 public charter school campuses managed by 182 charter holders. An internal survey of TCSA member schools revealed an estimated 105,000 students were on waiting lists to attend their school of choice.

Because they are public schools, charter schools are open to all children, do not charge tuition, do not have special requirements for admittance and are not associated with any religion. The leaders and teachers of these student-centered, family and community-engaged schools are all passionate that every Texas student deserves a high-quality education.

TCSA operates under these guiding principles:
1. Unify and represent diverse types of effective and quality-driven charter schools that enhance student achievement.
2. Help create a better definition of an effective charter school that incorporates growth and complements the existing accountability system’s status measures of academic performance.
3. Support member schools to improve their effectiveness in meeting educational mission and progress towards student excellence.
4. Advocate in the Texas legislature and broader public for effective charter schools as a critical part of the overall public education system.
5. Provide fee-based services to member schools to reduce their costs while building a self-sustaining organization.


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